The original Virtual Piano online, where you can play for free and without limits with the mouse or keyboard of your PC.
40 Piano sounds, 25 Piano keys, Octave down, up or normal, Record piano screen & Audio in real-time.


Piano App

Full Screen

Click on FULL SCREEN to play in wide mode or to use PianoApp on your Smartphone screen.

PC Keyboard

Click on the KEY BINDINGS button and follow the instructions to setup the corresponding keys.

Synthesizer Sounds

By scrolling to PIANO TYPE you can choose from 40 preset instruments and sounds for you to use.

All Devices

Does not require installation, it works online and you can use it both on PC and on mobile.

Piano App

Feel free to express yourself musically, play, record and share your creations on social media, with PianoApp you can enjoy your moments of relaxation in a creative way. If you have a website you can place the Virtual Piano wherever you want for free so that your visitors can use this nice tool.